Michael’s Pick of the Week — Araknid Kid #1

Araknid Kid #1Written and Illustrated by Josh Alves

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

In this Issue: When the mayor’s loved one goes missing, he calls on the assistance of Obie City’s hero Araknid Kid. Investigating the disappearance brings the Kid to confront the dastardly duo of Kracker & Flea! Are the brain and brawn of the pretentious pair too much for our hero? Find out! Plus! The Jack Pack and a 4 page mini one-shot featuring the rubbery, acid-spitting villain: GORP!

Join the adventures of everyone’s favorite picto-speakin’, trapeze-bar web-shootin’ western hero! It’s Saturday Morning Cartoon meets “Cranium” meets comic book fun!

Araknid Kid : Kracker & Flea TM and © Josh Alves. All rights reserved.

Michael says, “Fun and clever!”


  1. Thanks for the pick Michael! Much appreciated.

  2. Definitely on my list to check out. It always stands to me when I’m browsing.

  3. Hey Josh, I like you book too :) Keep up the great work!!!

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