IndyPlanet Digital is LIVE … sorta

We worked pretty much round the clock over the weekend trying to get the site to the point we wanted it to be at launch. As of 9:00am this morning … it went LIVE … and then about an hour later we had to take it back down again when a problem was discovered with the free downloads area. We don’t think it’s too difficult a problem to fix and hope to have the site back up momentarily.

When it does come back you’ll see that it’s not perfect. There are still a few rough edges we’ll be polishing for a while. We’re going to continue to work on it throughout the day — probably throughout the week — as we’ve still yet to completely check off everything on our needs-to-still-be-done list. So you’ll see the site continue to grow and evolve rapidly this week. You’ll see particular growth in the number of comics at the site. We’ve still got hundreds and hundreds of titles waiting to be listed. We’re getting them listed as quickly as we can, but the process of uploading content and verifying links has turned out to be far more time consuming than we’d anticipated. But frequent visitors to the site will see an almost constant stream of new comics being added.

This has been an enormous undertaking for us. We’re proud of the site (and will be even more proud once we’ve got those afore-mentioned rough edges polished). We think this site will be a boon for our publishing partners and for anyone who’s excited about the bold new world of digital comics!