IndyPlanet Digital Launch Date Rescheduled for Monday February 6, 2012

Provided that our webhost can manage to keep our server online consistently (see the previous post) we have rescheduled the launch for 9 am EST Monday February 6.

Why a week instead of a day (as we’d hoped)? Mainly because we’re still not sure the server issues are completely behind us. Our webhost says it was a denial of service attack that brought them down over the weekend and then again for a while this morning. They say they’re accelerating the implementation of some already planned defensive systems to protect against future attacks. We hope –and expect — this to be resolved in short order. There have been a few bumps in the road, but by and large we have been pleased with our hosting. Still, the launch of IndyPlanet Digital is very important to us and we’d like to be as certain as we can that that launch won’t be interrupted by server issues. So we want to give it a couple of extra days to be sure the problem is fixed.

And since a couple of extra days takes us to Thursday or maybe Friday, we decided to go ahead and push it back to Monday because it seemed preferable to us to launch at the start of a week rather than at the end of a week.

We apologize again for the delay, but promise you that the wait will be worth it!