Update: Weekend Server Outage Delays IndyPlanet Digital Launch

Update: 1/30/2011

It frustrates us deeply to announce that we’re going to have to push the launch of IndyPlanet Digital back by at least 24 hours. An unexpected server outage over the weekend — completely out of our control — prevented us from being able to make the final site adjustments that needed to be made, not to mention preventing us from being able to upload ANY of the gigabytes of files we’ve got still waiting to be uploaded.

As of this writing (12:40am January 30) the site is back online and we can access the admin areas, however ftp capability has yet to be restored. So while we’ve been able to make some progress on the afore-mentioned adjustments, our inability to upload to the site makes it impossible for us to launch at 9:00am this morning as we’d planned. Hopefully ftp access will be restored soon and maybe this will only push us back by 24 hours or so. We apologize for the inconvenience and for getting everyone’s hopes up. Believe me, this is every bit as disappointing and frustrating to us as it is to you. We are really proud of the site and very excited to show it to you and get it rolling.

Like I said … hopefully only another day or so …

January 27, 2012
There’s still a HUGE backlog of content waiting to be added and we’ve still got a few cosmetic things I’m hoping to get fixed, but come hell or high water the site goes live Monday morning. We’ll be working furiously over the weekend to get as many titles listed as we possibly can by launch and we’ll continue to list new titles at a furious clip even AFTER we launch.

Most issues will be priced at just 99ยข and there will also be a LOT of full issues available for FREE download.

More to come …