IndyPlanet Digital Feature — Video Promos

IndyPlanet Digital will allow creator/publishers to include video promos in their comic’s listing. This is a feature we had intended to add to the site later, but we managed to get it done in time for launch so we’re going with it.

To add a video to your listing first you’ll need to create and upload your video to YouTube. Then go to your Ka-Blam user control panel, scroll down to the proper item and submit the video link. Once we’ve verified that the video is suitable for inclusion at IndyPlanet Digital we’ll embed the video in your listing.

So what makes a video “suitable” for inclusion at IndyPlanet Digital?

1) Relevancy. The video has to be about the comic that you’re selling. Don’t upload something that really has nothing to do with the comic — or something only tangentially related to the comic. This is your chance to plead your case to the site visitor, don’t waste it. The particulars are really up to you. Your video can be something as simple as you on your webcam or phone cam telling the site visitor why they should give your comic a chance or something as elaborate and well-produced as Jay Caraval’s promo for his ONE: Season 1.

2) Appropriateness. We understand that the comic you’re selling might not be suitable for young readers. That’s OK. Mature reader titles are always welcomed … however, IndyPlanet as a site IS and MUST BE suitable for all ages. This means that your listing — including all images and videos — must be free of any words or images that would earn you anything stronger than a PG rating at the movies.

3) No off site urls. No surprise here. The purpose of this video is to help sell the comic you have listed at IndyPlanet Digital, not to drive traffic to other sites.

If you choose to add a video to your listing — it is optional, btw — then we would strongly recommend you adhere to these simple rules of thumb —

* Keep it short. Shakespeare nailed it with that whole “brevity is the soul of wit” bit. About a minute is great, ninety seconds is pushing it. Two minutes or more and — unless your video is simply awe-inspiring — you’re all but guaranteeing a click away before it finishes.

* Don’t use anything you don’t have the right to use. This goes for images and especially for music. Do not infringe on anyone else’s copyright(s).

* Don’t hype. Let me rephrase that — avoid hype at all costs. Put your comic in the best light possible, yes. Sell it, yes. But don’t oversell it. Don’t proclaim it to be “easily as good as The Watchmen” or to have “art reminiscent of Alex Toth on his best day”. It’s not. I’m sorry, but it isn’t. (And, yes, I’ve seen quotes like that). Represent your comic well, but present it honestly and fairly. And remember, hype is never your friend.