IndyPlanet Digital Features — Publisher Listings

IndyPlanet Digital will feature listings by publisher. This is something we’ve never done at IndyPlanet (although we will be implementing the same feature there soon). The listings by publisher will be showcased in two ways — one will be a simple list of publishers which when clicked will show all of a given publisher’s offerings and the second way will be a tab incorporated into the listing of each item. When this tab is clicked the user will see all of the issues available from that publisher without leaving the listing that they were viewing.

To go along with the publisher listing we’ll be allowing publishers to submit a publisher banner graphic. As with our IndyPlanet Digital mainpage banners though we’re going to be very exacting in our requirements and whether or not a submitted banner is actually used at the site will be at our discretion. We’re not going to be as strict about the aesthetics on the publisher banners as we are on the mainpage banners. The standards for a mainpage banner that will be seen by almost every site visitor is understandably different from that of a smaller banner that appears on an interior site page. We are going to demand strict compliance with our specifications however and any banner that doesn’t conform to the specs will not be included. Unlike with the mainpage banners, if your publisher banner is rejected then we’ll let you know why and you’ll be able to make the changes necessary to submit a banner that can be listed.

Here are the specifications — (these can also be seen on sample graphic accompanying this post)
) Your publisher banner MUST be 800 pixels wide by 90 pixels high with NO border.
2) Your publisher banner should consist of a single background image and include the publisher’s logo … and NOTHING else. No slogans, no urls, no creator names, etc. Just a background image and a logo. That’s it.
3) The publisher logo must be at least 24 pixels from the right and left edges of the banner, centered of course is always best.

The uploader for the publisher banner can be found in the “edit profile” section of Ka-Blam User Control Panel.