IndyPlanet Digital 2012 Update

First an apology for teasing an update before Christmas and then not delivering on it. We did have an update ready to go, but decided that it wouldn’t be smart to put it out at a time when everyone’s focus was on something else and our update could be so easily overlooked and quickly forgotten.

So without further adieu … here’s where things stand …

Aside from a few minor issues the site is for all intents and purposes finished.

The design is implemented. There are a few css-related formatting issues with which we’re not yet satisfied. There are also a few pages — particularly in the FAQ — where we think the language isn’t clear or concise enough and we want all those pages to be rewritten before launch. We understand and expect that there will always be questions we’ll have to answer, but we want to be sure that the language at the site isn’t prompting more questions than it answers.

Aside from those, the final two steps before launch are 1) a thorough link check, wherein we click EVERY link in the code (both logged in and logged out) to make sure all the pointers are correct and 2) populating the site with content. Step 2 involves listing, generating, proofing, and uploading all the files available for download. Both steps are presently underway. We’re making good progress on both, but we still have over 500 titles waiting to be listed and added. So that alone could take a few days.

Once the formatting is fixed and the language rewrite and the link check are completed we will launch — even if we still have some pending titles not yet added and available.

We don’t want to give a firm date (few things make one look more foolish than missing a self-imposed deadline), but if all goes well we fully expect to be live within a week or two. Maybe earlier.

More to come …