Am I surrendering any rights to my comic by listing it at IndyPlanet or ComicsMonkey?

Absolutely not.  None.

By listing your titles at IndyPlanet and ComicsMonkey you grant us  the right to do only ONE thing –to print and fulfill orders on your behalf for as long as you allow the item to be listed at the site(s).    That’s it.   Nothing else.  You retain all other rights.

You may withdraw the listings at any time with no penalty whatsoever.


  1. What kind of colors are we required to use? I heard CMYK is best, but I don’t have Photoshop, I use a free program called, and it would be easier for me to use RGB colors. Are RGB colors okay for a printed comic book?

  2. RGB would be best actually.

  3. If we list our comic on indyplanet/etc. can we still put up an ebook version on another site like lulu? I want readers to have access to a print copy version but I know a few of them prefer ebooks for their e-readers and whatever.

    Just wanted to know~

  4. It’s your book. List it where ya want. Look for IndyPlanet digital where you can also list your book as an e-comic.

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