IndyPlanet Digital is Coming!

OK, so it’s one of our all time worst-kept secrets, but to make it official … for months now we have been working on an IndyPlanet sister site that will offer downloadable versions of IndyPlanet titles for the iPad, Android Tablets, plus other portable devices, as well as notebooks, desktops, etc.

IndyPlanet Digital — — will be going live in the coming weeks. There’s still some work to be done on our end, but we’ll be posting more details very soon — including all the details you’ll need to opt in and participate!


  1. YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS This has been a ‘wouldn’t it be cool if’ desire of mine regarding Kablam, so having it actually coming true is stellar. In my own experience with download sales, I’ve found the lower price not only persuades far more new readers to jump into the series, but boosts physical book sales as well. Having Kablam link up as a content provider to major platforms is truly revolutionary news. I’m excited about where things are going!

  2. This is great news, since i first saw the signs it was appearing i was buzzing about it, awesome

  3. it sounds cool! It just makes me wonder if it’s worth signing up for with an online webcomic…

  4. Hi Kiki,
    I understand it does create a dilemma for people who do webcomics only.

  5. I look at it this way…
    The main goal of any creator is to get as many eyeballs on your comic as you can. If it’s not going to hurt anything or anyone, why not have your work available in as many formats as you can. Some folks love comics on the web, some love print, some love to see it on their I-Pads, some enjoy etchings in the sand. Ok, I’m stretching. Back to my cave. :)


  6. sweet i can’t wait…
    ka-blam roooooccccckkkkkssss!!!!!!!!

  7. I’m all for this..I added all our books via the *add to* feature in my account options..does this mean once the feature goes live those books will automatically be entered or will i need to do it again once the digital site is live. Cheers!

  8. Once live the books you’ve opted in to list at IPDigital should just *poof* appear!


  9. Awesome!
    Cheers jenni!

  10. Yeah, I’m looking forward to making it available to my readers. They’ve been asking for me to provide digital options, but I haven’t wanted to do the footwork of getting my books on other digital comics platforms.

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