Update: Binder Woes … No More!

Update: July 9 After some late night repairs and a bit of DIY re-engineering the binder is working again! And not only that … it’s working really, really well! We are binding books as quickly as we can — working through the weekend — and hope to have the backlog cleared by Monday. Thanks for your patience!

Original post: July 8

As some of you have noticed, we’re running a few days behind on shipping some paperback orders. We’ve been having some unexpected mechanical problems with the binder that have put us behind schedule. Today, we thought we were FINALLY back up and running, but then we had another setback. A part — literally no bigger than a pencil eraser — broke and the binder is back down yet again. This is an easily fixable problem — the only trick may be finding the parts we need over the weekend. Lacking that, I’m hopeful that at the very least that we can cobble together some jury-rigged solution to get us back up before Monday. Either way, we’ll be back up and binding by Monday at the latest.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Just to reiterate — this is a temporary problem that applies ONLY to paperback binding (we’re actually on schedule with comics printing — no small feat this time of year).

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