Ka-Blam’s New Uploads Center

One of the exciting new features we’ve added to our system lately is our new Uploads Center. We’ve made it far easier to get your files to us. No more ftp-ing, no more need for third party storage sites like yousendit or sendspace (although we still think sendspace is one of the greatest resources on the web). Now you’ll simply upload them directly to us during the order process using our new Uploads Center.

There is a 300mb limit on uploads, so if your archive file is larger than that — 1) make sure you’re files are all compressed using a loss-less algorithm such as zip or lzw and 2) if your files are compressed and the archive is still more than 300mb, then you’ll have to send your files in batches of archives. For example, two 150mb archives instead of one 300mb archive.

In order to have access to the Uploads Center you will need an active order or re-order with the change option selected.

We’re trying to scrub the site of any mention of ftp-ing or third party storage sites, but until we accomplish that please disregard anything you might come across here that mentions sending your files to using any method other than our Uploads Center or sending files on disc via mail.


  1. That is great news for me. I’ve been sending my files to you via disc and mail.

  2. I think this is great. I’ve been using sendspace all this time.

  3. Awesome. This will make life a lot easier and less time consuming. :)

  4. thats a great idea, it makes me feel more secure as well because you never know what bugs are lurking out there when you use some hosting sites, good going guys

  5. Awesome, was just about to submit new stuff but didn’t want to have to reconfig my new machine for all the extras!

    Thanks for streamlining!

  6. We’re mighty proud of it! Getting to files is sooooo much easier!

  7. Hi, it’s the Gaming Wizard again. I got another question I would like to ask.

    When preparing pages to upload, was there an option for creating a cover; either paperback or hardcover? If so, how?

    P.S. I’m new to this website and making books.

  8. awesome news.

  9. Now THIS is nifty! That worked really, really well.

    Kudos to the Ka-Blam team for integrating this!

  10. I think this is great. I was using sendspace.

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