Double T-Shirt Credit at Comic-Con!

We’ve decided to DOUBLE the credit we offer for wearing our t-shirt at this year’s Comic-Con. So wearing your Ka-Blam t-shirt at Comic-Con this year will score you $20 in print credit instead of $10!


  1. Does that go for other cons too or just the SDCC? I am plannin on wearing mine at Vegas Valley Comic Book Fest this November.

  2. Hey Gary,
    It’s just for San Diego Comic Con. For other cons, the $10 credit is still the going rate. :)


  3. Were on the site do i order the Ka-Blam shirts so I can wear it at SDCC for you guys and rack up the credit? :-D

    I remember seeing the offer when I printed the books. But don’t see how to order it if Im not ordering a new book.



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