Thomas’ Pick of the Week — Contagion #1

Contagion #1Story: Z.M.Thomas Pencils: Cliff Richards Colors: Mike Bartollo Letters: Zach Matheny

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

After being awaken by his younger brother in-law Tyler, Ryan finds himself amidst an infestation of the walking Dead. However, things go bad from worse when Tyler is bitten, and an out of control vehicle crashes into his neighbors house.

The dead have come back to life and are destroying everything and everyone in their path. Unfortunately, this isn’t the worst part of the night for Minneapolis Police Officer Ryan Gavin… When his brother in-law is bit by one of the undead, Ryan is forced to make a decision that could either save one life, or end them all.

Contagion issue #1 TM and © Z.M.Thomas & Trepidation Comics. All rights reserved.

Thomas says, “I love me some ZOMBIEs!!! And Contagion #1 is gearing up to be a FAV for me. Great zombie intro story with some very nice looking art to boot. If you like zombie stories, I’d give it a looks-y.”

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