Podcast: Comics Are Great! 12 – Calling all LCS!

I’m a little late to the game here but, here’s a great episode of the “Comics Are Great!” podcast  hosted by comic creating guru Jerzy Drozd and featuring Eli Neiburger and our very own Barry Gregory speaking on the subject of digital comics and digital distribution. Ka-Blammers should be very interested in this.

From the COMICS ARE GREAT! site:

“Comics Are Great! #12 “Calling All LCS!”

Whatever its intent, the recent news about Diamond Distribution’s attempt at digital distribution has stirred up a lot of talk about the future of Local Comics Stores (LCS). Digital delivery of comics through services like The Illustrated Section or Comixology has certainly disrupted the business of selling and distributing physical comic books, but does this mean that comics stores are no longer relevant? Is there more to what ails LCS? Can they adapt their business model to become more relevant than ever before?

I’m grateful to be joined by two people who lend a boat-load of insight on the subject:

Eli Neiburger is the Associate Director of IT and Production at the Ann Arbor District Library and author of Gamers… In the Library?!

Barry Gregory is the owner of the Ka-Blam Digital Printing service as well as the IndyPlanet and ComicsMonkey fulfillment and distribution services.”

Check it out!

Comics Are Great! #12 “Calling All LCS!”

Comics Are Great!

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