Technical Woes: Update — Doing Much Better Today, Thanks!

We’re doing much, much better than a couple of days ago. Much better. You never get rid of technical problems altogether, but for right now things are running pretty smoothly. We’re still a bit behind schedule, but we’ve put the most troublesome orders to bed. To the best of my knowledge we’ve wrapped Wondercon and are on to finishing up orders for next weekend’s MoCCA.

Mar 29, 2011
Seems we’ve been battling technical difficulties just about all year now. In the digital printing world technical difficulties are just another part of the process. You learn to deal with them and work around them as best as possible. But lately, they’ve just been really slamming us. Our paperback binder was crippled for a week or more recently (even down completely for a few days) while we scrambled to find a new relay circuit board. This caused paperback orders to run behind. I’m happy to report the new board has arrived, has been installed, and the binder is buzzing along like new now. And by this time tomorrow I’m anticipating being just about caught up on paperback orders. Presently though, we’re having a few major issues with each of our three presses — issues that have brought our production to a crawl. The service techs are working on them and — fingers crossed here — we should be in much better shape tomorrow than we are right now.

We are painfully aware that there are several conventions this weekend (including Wondercon) and that there of some of you still waiting on orders for those events. We did ship quite a few orders today and we are absolutely committed to getting all of them out in time for your events even if we have to expedite shipping at our expense to make that happen.

We apologize for the inconvenience and ask you to bear with us while we work this all out.


  1. Happens to the best of us, unfortunately.
    But we always appreciate you telling us what’s going on <3

  2. Do you know when the List Editing will be back up and running for IndyPlanet? I’ve been trying to adjust the prices of my books and it keeps giving me a maintenance message dated 2/14/2011.

  3. Thank you for the update! Really settled my nerves now that I know what’s going on, and that you are still committed to having them on time. I’m very pleased with your work ethic through adversity, good luck!

  4. Murphy’s Law strikes again.

  5. It’s absolutely great that you keep everyone posted on these matters…it speaks well of you.

    Good luck resolving the printer difficulties!

  6. Sorry about that, Dave. It should be back on line (hopefully) tomorrow. We didn’t intend for it to be down as long as it has been, but you’ll kinda see some of the reason its been down when it’s back up again.

  7. huzzah!
    good to hear you guys are doing better.

  8. If we’ve paid for expedited processing, which I did on my current order, and it doesn’t ship on the original date am I correct in assuming we will be refunded the additional cost?

  9. Thanks for letting us know about the problems! I certainly understand that merchandise for cons has to take priority, but could you let us know how back logged you are on individual orders? I’m just so eager to see how my shirt turned out! Wondering how much longer it’s likely to take to ship.

  10. Yes. It is our policy in those cases where we fail to meet a requested ship-by date — and it is OUR fault alone that we failed to meet that date — to refund the expedited charges.

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