Thomas’ Pick of the Week — Durkin’s Dragons #1

Written and Illustrated by Kenny Durkin

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Dragons…the world has always be enchanted by them. From the mythological dragons of Greece, to the benevolent dragons of the Orient, to the ancient dragons of Europe, dragons have been the subject of folklore and tradition for centuries. Join illustrator, Kenny Durkin as he celebrates the fun and whimsical side of dragons.

Durkin’s Dragons is a collection of humorous dragon drawings by Kenny Durkin.

Durkin’s Dragons TM and © Kenny Durkin. All rights reserved.

Thomas says, “Gotta love Kenny’s art. His cartoony-ness style is some of the best stuff out there. Wish I could get away with some of his craziness.”

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  1. Wow! Great Work Mr.Durkin! Really Great!
    I love it! Smooth, Crisp, Fluent, Brilliant work that looks effortless by you. Another book to add to my wish list. That list for me, is piling up quickly! lol. I’d better get my act together soon. ;P Thank you for sharing your inspired work with the world. :)

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