Comfort and Adam’s Megacon 2011 Report!

And so our heroes returned from the brightlands of the south known as Fl’orid’a and the siege of Mega-Khan flush with victory and draped with the spoils of a battle well-won. Twas a most epic voyage of epicness, but their enemies were crushed – they saw them driven before them and heard the lamentations of their women. CROM! FORSOOTH! VERILY!

Aaaaand so on. But seriously, MegaCon was awesome. It was a great return for us to a show we’ve always liked but had to miss last year. We did have some nervousness that we wouldn’t do as well – it’s been two years since we reminded people down there that we exist, and we don’t do many cons in the south so we don’t have as much of a fan-base built up as we do in, say, Chicago (where we’ve been known to do as many as four cons in a year, some years). We were happily surprised, and we’ll tell you more  here!

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