Server Issues Resolved

As many of you no doubt noticed we were plagued by server side problems yesterday. The site was down most of the day. These were problems originating with our webhost and completely beyond our control unfortunately. Thankfully everything appears to be functioning properly today, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the problems are behind us.

While ultimately we are reliant on the databases housed at our webhost for most of our day-to-day functions, we do have some limited off-site backups here at the office and we were able to keep working and many orders did ship yesterday as scheduled. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to update any order’s status online or to respond to any of your messages while the site was down. All of which means that we start the day today waaaay, waaay behind. We are working as fast and as hard as we can to get caught up. We know that there are a couple of major conventions this weekend and some of you are still waiting on your orders. Many of them have already shipped and you just aren’t aware of it because we’re still updating statuses. For the rest of you, please don’t worry we will do whatever we have to do to get your orders to you in time for your event. If you are anticipating an order for an event this weekend and your order has not shipped or your status has not been updated by mid-afternoon or so today then please contact us in the message center.

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  1. Its all good. My webserver has gone down before. It happens.

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