Megacon Orders and Pickup

In previous years we’ve always delivered Megacon orders (on request) to your table at the show. Megacon is our local convention and the Orange Count Convention center is very close to our offices and it seemed like a small thing we could do that would save you a little bit of money.

Last year however the order volume was sooo heavy that we literally had one person – me — spend the entire first day of the show delivering orders. Order volume is even heavier this year … so we’re going to have to do things a bit differently from here on out. We simply can’t personally deliver any more orders to the convention center. So what we’re going to do instead is to allow anyone attending Megacon to stop by our offices and pickup their books.

Now there are a couple of caveats to this offer however so please read this next bit very carefully …

1) Pickup is by appointment ONLY. Our lease does not permit walk-in business and as our offices are adjacent to the leasing office we have to be sticklers about that. So if you’d like to pick up your order from us, then you MUST let us know you’re coming.

2) Orders will be available for pickup on the evenings of Wednesday March 23rd from 6pm to 10pm and again on Thursday March 24 from 6pm to 10pm. There will be absolutely NO personal order delivery at Megacon this year, nor will you be able to pick up your order before or after those designated times. If none of those times work for you then you MUST have your shipped to you.

3) This offer is for Megacon 2011 orders ONLY. We do not permit order pickup from our offices at any other time.

To select the pickup option (for Megacon orders ONLY, please) simply include a note on the notes field of your order saying that you’d like to pick up your order. You don’t have to decide which night you want to stop by just yet (we assume most of you will probably chose Thursday), but we MUST know you’re going to be picking up BEFORE we invoice you and you must let us know which day you want to pick up at least 48 hours in advance. Please don’t tell us Thursday and then show up on Wednesday. Your order may not yet be ready.

If you’re order is already in queue then you let us know if the Message Center if you’d like to pickup and we’ll adjust your invoice as need be. By picking up your books you will not be billed for shipping, however our standard 3% handling charge still applies, as do Florida sales taxes if you are a FL resident.

Our offices are about 2 miles from the convention center. We’ll post a map with driving directions as the convention dates near.

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