Barry’s Pick of the Week — Native Drums #2

Written and Illustrated by Vince Riley Chuck Paschall

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

After making an unauthorized contact with the natives of Earth, the Agent must now fight her way to Goma to complete her mission.

In the near future the well off live in orbit of a decaying Earth. When they need certain resources they send an “agent” to the war torn surface.

Native Drums TM and © Vince Riley, Chuck Paschall. All rights reserved.

Barry says, “A post-apocalyptic storyline, a beautiful, gun-toting redhead, and stunning artwork … This series was tailor-made for me!”


  1. Do they have an Indyplanet page yet? a link to that and a preview would be great!


  2. Coming soon, David. Actually there’s a LOT of info still to come.

  3. I’ve meet Vince at last year’s Ape Expo. He’s a real cool guy and an awesome artist. I recommend everybody to get his sketchbooks too!


  4. WoW! you guys rule! 3rd issue is in progress! ^____^

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