Create a T-Shirt and win $100 in Ka-Blam Credit

How you ask can you win Free Stuff Plus $100 in Ka-Blam Credit? It’s simple, really. Just enter our Create a T-Shirt Contest!

After a long absence from our product offerings we’re now once again offering full color, full process T-Shirt printing on BLACK shirts (as well as white).

To celebrate this we’ve not only reduced the pricing on both black and white shirts, but also launched an all new IndyPlanet T-Shirt site. There are a few dozen great shirts there already, but we want a few hundred great shirts there so we’re kicking off our first ever contest to make that happen. Here’s how it works —

A) Design a shirt. Ideally the design should work on either a black or white shirt, but if shirt color is critical to the design then you can pick either black or white. The design can revolve around your comic, but it doesn’t have to. It can be anything so long as it conforms to our overall print guidelines. Any design that falls outside of the guidelines is NOT eligible and will not be listed at IndyPlanet.

B. Place an order for the shirt and list it at IndyPlanet. You don’t have to actually buy anything. You can place a quantity “0″ order if you want, but you must list the shirt at IndyPlanet to be eligible for the contest.

That’s it. Really. From all the entrants we’ll choose our ten favorites and each of those ten users will receive a FREE shirt emblazoned with their design. One of the ten users will be chosen as the winner and receive $100 in Ka-Blam credit. Just a couple of quick rules and we’ll be done …

1) All designs must conform to technical specifications. See our FAQ for details.
2) You can enter as many designs as you’d like, but only one design per user will be considered for final judging. So regardless of how many designs you enter only one can make the final ten.
3) All designs must be 100% opaque — no colors fading to transparent.

The contest will run until March 11. The winner (and the final ten) will be announced on March 14.



  2. Kiki,
    Do so!!! We’re very excited to see what people turn in :) Do something cool!!! I’ll keep and eye out for your shirt design.

  3. oh cool!
    this is awesome!
    i’m in.

  4. This is awesome. I entered.

  5. This is an excellent idea. I’m SO on it!

  6. We’ve made a couple of small tweaks to the contest rules since announced yesterday, nothing major really, but I wanted to go over them briefly just as well.

    1) We’ve decided NOT to limit entries to one design per user. You may now enter as many designs as you’d like. However, only ONE design per user is eligible for prize consideration. So enter as often as you’d like, but keep in mind that we’re going to give prizes to ten different users.

    2) Your designs can’t have fade-to-transparent effects. All your colors must be opaque. You should leave all the negative areas of your design (areas where the shirt will show through) transparent, but for any area wherein you have color on the design the opacity of the color must be 100%. Make sense?

    Also, a quick note about our t-shirt template … Yes, it’s completely blank. It’s an empty, transparent psd file. The simple idea is that you place your image inside the template and leave it unflattened. If your image fits, then you’re good to go. If your image doesn’t fit, then it’s too big. If there’s too much negative space, then you need to adjust the size of your design. If your design has negative vertical space then place the image within the template to approximate where you want it printed on the shirt. Closer to the top of the template means the print will be closer to the color.

    That’s it. Thanks and good luck! Oh, and help us spread the word, please. We’d love to have hundreds of entries to choose from.

  7. DEFINITELY in this.

  8. Oh great. I had been wanting to make a tshirt based on my comics.

  9. I wonder what about delivery of t-shirts?
    Can i, for example, order 100 t-shirts and delivery to 100 different addresses worldwide, to avoid them all to be delivered to me?

  10. T-shirt turnaround is generally 10 days. We could fulfill the order for 100 to 100 different addresses, however we don’t have a mechanism in place for single order shipping to multiple addresses. What you would need to do instead is to place a “1″ copy reorder for each and provide the shipping addresses 1 per reorder.

  11. I just was stoked that you guys are finally doing black tshirts. My character wears white and red and I was afraid that with a white t-shirt that she would get lost in the shirt, but now that you guys have black you just opened up a whole bunch of options for me. Thanks.

  12. I just sent my design! Can’t wait to see how the contest turns out.

  13. Can you post a size chart? Not all t-shirts are the same, and especially for us ladies having to buy men’s t-shirts, it helps to know the chest size in inches.

  14. I just sent in a few designs with hopefuly more on the way. If every creator sends in more than one then the store will be bursting with product! Well played, Ka-Blam.

  15. Oh yes. My shirt designs are in! The thumbs/proofs look great – these shirts are gonna rock!

  16. BTW, is there some reason why the “normal” t-shirt FAQ says you can fade the edges to transparent but this contest says 100% opaque colors only?

  17. Oh yes, I’m entering this. And I’m SO glad that black is an option now, because the design I have in mind wouldn’t work the same on white.

  18. At this point in time we’re not able to do a transparent color on the black shirt.
    On white, the fades works fine. But black t-shirt fades…not so much :O)
    Now ya made Thomas cry.

  19. WOW!!! I just witnessed your line of t-shirts grow on IndyPlanet from 89 to 130 in one hour! Sweet! I hope you double that by the end of the week.

  20. Sorry, Thomas! :-)


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