Indy Comic Book FAIL Lesson 43: Thirty Days Of Indy Comics

In this no nonsense post, Thomas Hall asks us to share the the indy comic love!

This week, Steve Niles did something that quite a few people somehow found unthinkable. Mr Niles didn’t retire to a Unibomber shack and begin on the first “3D” comic to be printed on 100% recycled anti-personnel mines… No, what happened was Steve made the “shocking” statement that people should support the work of Creator-Owned Creators by… GASP!… Not only BUYING their work, but TALKING about that work as well!

Today’s Lesson in Failure is: Practice What You Preach.

You can read the rest right here!


  1. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to buy more indie comics. I should probably head to Indyplanet next pay day and fulfil that promise.

  2. David, I couldn’t think of a better place to start. With the vast amount of comics there, in every genre and conceivable style, you’re bound to find something appealing. :)

  3. I started in on reviewing IndyPlanet comics a while back, and am about to start again at the official Flying Tiger Comics blog

    Anyone specifically wanting me to review their book just email me the indyplanet link at

    And I will buy a copy and review it, if I haven’t already bought it!

    Jonathan Nolan

  4. Jonathan,

    That’s very cool! I hope you can start a trend and provoke more people to check out all these great Indy Comic titles. :)

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