Tony’s Pick of the Week – Versus 01 – Splash Vs Clean

Written and Illustrated by Robin Keijzer
Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Imagine a drunk robot made from a washing machine, that starts a fight with a goldfish that controls a bubbly water-body. What would be the consequences of their actions once they start fighting in a crowd of fans that came to see the famous alien-stripper-concert…? That’s what VERSUS 01, ‘Splash VS Clean’ is all about! Go check it out!

The ‘VERSUS’- series is all about battles between unique and weird characters. The stories are a concoction made from the creators love for video-games, mixed with his passion for anime-like action sequences. The series is set up like a VERSUS-battle game and each issue contains a finished battle-story.

VERSUS 01 – Splash VS Clean TM and © Copyright Robin keijzer. All rights reserved.

Tony says, “If the description alone doesn’t sell you on this, which it should, just add in some great looking eye candy and you’ll have no choice but to purchase this very cool comic!”

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