Jenni’s Pick of the Week — Debris: The Art Of Ap. Furtado

Written and Illustrated by AP. Furtado

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 124

Debris: The Art of AP. Furtado features work from over 20+ years working as a professional illustrator in the comic, gaming and freelance art worlds. It also features a special, never seen, 11 page `Tween comic as well as concept art, black and white, pencil, sequential and full page color illustrations

AP. Furtado is the creative guru behind the webcomics ELF `n TROLL, `TWEEN and numerous others. He has worked with several publishers over the last 20 years including work for Heavy Metal Magazine, Antarctic Press, Caliber Press, Head Press, Blatant Comics, Magnetic Ink and many others.

Debris: The Art of AP. Furtado TM and © AP. Furtado. All rights reserved.

Jenni say’s “Meticulous whimsical art done by the amazing Tony Furtado! Art so incredibly intricate that I do believe elf magic is involved.”

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