Tony’s Pick of the Week – Hombre Rosa #1

Written and Illustrated by # Writer: Craig Knight, Christian Knight # Pencils: Diego Bernard # Inks: Alexandre Palomaro, Alex Lei # Colors: PC Siqueira # Letters: Zach Matheny

Standard Comic
Full Color

Page Count: 24

In this introduction to the series we find Hombre Rosa pursued by dozens of confederate vampires.

With savage lands breeding savage beasts, the fight to stay alive is sometimes more fight than most can handle. Rising to assist the weak is Hombre Rosa, a powerful and skilled assassin, capable of keeping the towns and villages free from the vampires, werewolves and shape-shifters that threaten their meager existence. it is blazing Colt’s and native ingenuity that ultimately defeats the devil-spawned evil.
Hombre Rosa Comic TM and © Craig Knight, Knight Squared Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Tony says, “The Old West doesn’t seem so old in this comic featuring werewolves, vampires and one sexy gunslinger. Great action, great story and some fine looking art make this comic a winner!”

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