Reorders Now Ship in 10 Days!

We promised we’d be announcing new stuff regularly this year and our first announcement is a pretty big one!

From here on reorders — without any changes — are no longer subject to 28 day turnaround times and now ship in 10 days.

So for example if you printed The Amazing Kung Fu Monkey #1 with us last year and now with convention season fast approaching you realize you need another 100 copies. So you login, click the “my info” button, click the “reorder” button, and choose “Amazing Kung Fu Monkey #1″ and change the quantity to “100″. On the “page replacements” option if you choose “NO: There are no changes”. Then you no longer have the option of selecting a ship-by date. Your order will automatically receive our fastest turnaround.

Please note: This applies ONLY to orders without changes. If you select the ” YES: I Have Page Replacements” option then your order will be subject to the same customer-selected ship-by date options as always. Also, if you include any new (non-reorder) items on the same order then the entire order is subject to customer-selected ship-by date options.


  1. This is the best news I’ve had all year! And last year, too!

  2. Me likey! This actually solves a lot of problems for me! Also, if you do need changes, how does that effect the 10day thing?

  3. This will be great for when I have to order books for cons and such.

  4. Remember this is for orders that have NO CHANGES. Any changes and it’s back to you choosin’ the ship out date ;o )


  6. This is great news! Especially for those of us thinking of selling our books through our websites <3

  7. How, if at all, does this new turnaround time affect reorders already in progress?

  8. I’m afraid it’s not retroactive so it doesn’t affect orders placed before the announcement.

  9. So this doesn’t seem to work.
    I still got the selection of ship by dates even though I had requested no changes, and it’s been nearly a month since I reordered and my order still hasn’t shipped.

    What did I do wrong? Or what have you done wrong?

  10. It was something we did wrong. We had some code that was exempting paperback reorders from 10 day turnarounds. We corrected it a couple of weeks back, but unfortunately we didn’t catch it on your order. I apologize. Your order has printed though and we’ll get it out right away.

  11. Does this count on any reorders regardless of quantity previously ordered?

    For example, I’m getting ready to set up my comic to print, and i would order one copy as a proof. If i got it, liked it, -no changes-, and ordered 50 copies would i still get the 10 day turnaround?

    Or is this only on previously made orders of a certain time period?

  12. It applies to any reorder so long as there are no page changes or substitutions.

  13. What’s up with this new format? how do I log in and reorder my books? Get info about my sales? and I’ve been waiting about two months for my last book to become available for sale on-line…My biggest show of the year so far is Sunday….

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