If I provide a PO, will you ship my comics to a distributor?

We’ll ship your comics wherever you ask us to. There’s a ship-to function in the order form that let’s you select a shipping address other than the default address you’ve registered.

Though please be aware that certain monopolistic comic book distributors may have arbitrary rules concerning comics printed digitally. Plus the combination of their mandated discount structure and our pricing isn’t such a good mix. By and large you’ll find that our system and the traditional method of distribution just aren’t compatible.

However, you can always distribute through ComicsMonkey.


  1. You should throw a link into However, you can always distribute through ComicsMonkey.

  2. I thought I had. Thanks for catching that. I’ve corrected it now.

  3. What if someone wanted to use their own online store(were they sell the comics they print here) and use the ship-to function so that they don’t have to order the comics and then mail them to the person who ordered them, obviously saving time and postage. Are there any inserts that someone wouldn’t want their customers looking at? Simplified version: What’s the difference between ordering a book from Comics Monkey and/or Indy Planet and the creator ordering a print of the same book, besides price?

  4. If I’m understanding your question correctly, Kyle, then we’ve already got a mechanism in place for you to do this. All you’ll need to do is place a reorder at Ka-Blam and when the reorder form asks you if you want to ship to your address on file or to a different address choose the different address option and enter the address of your customer. We’ll print and ship directly to them. And if you’d like we can of course leave out the packing slip that has your order specifics, price, etc.

  5. What if i need to order like 100 copies of comix and sent them exclusively 2 100 different addresses for promotional purposes?
    Is it possible for you Ka-blam guys to make a delivery of every single copy of printed comic to separate address?

  6. What about publishing to Barnes and Nobles, and other local comic book shops? Will you also ship my books there?

  7. This is about as good a spot to ask: Will Ka-Blam ever consider allowing shipping to P.O. boxes across the board? The reorder page still says USPS boxes are a no-no..

  8. HI Chris,
    We do ship to PO Boxes–frequently and often :O)
    If you are seeing that let me know where. It’s an artifact that that shouldn’t be there.

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