Will you help me sell my comic after it has been printed?

Absolutely.   That’s what we call “Publisher Services” and that’s what we’re all about.   Our purpose is not to just to print your comic, but to help you sell your comics, and to keep making the comics for as long as you want to make them.  That’s why we’ve created Indyplanet and  ComicsMonkey.


  1. I like this. I know that stores can buy our comics from ComicsMonkey, but is there a way to know what stores buy so that we can talk to these places and see if they will buy our comics?

  2. You can always monitor your sales and earnings from your User CP of course, but I’m afraid that giving you the specific details of who is ordering would be a violation of our privacy policy.

  3. So if a store opts to grab a comic I’ve made, what, if any, kind of profits will I see and how would I go about receiving payment?

  4. Stay tuned.

  5. Like I said, stay tuned.

  6. Is there any way to set a retailers price for our books at IndyPlanet and ComicsMonkey that’s lower than the cover price?

  7. A retailer buying your book at ComicsMonkey will be paying a percentage of between 50-65% of the cover price you set.

  8. Your ComicsMonkey link is broken.
    Just FYI

  9. So, say we set a comic to sell for 25$, and on the order from it says it would have cost us 20$, do we make 5$ profit? Just making sure that’s how it works (I’m new at this :) ).

  10. If we’re talking about IndyPlanet … yes that’s correct. You get 100% of the difference between the printing cost and the price you set.

  11. Any word on the comic reader apps? Something for the iPad would be outta this world!

  12. Shhhh … we’re not ready to talk about this yet.

    oops. Did I say too much?

  13. How accurate are your stats? I’ve had people tell me they’ve purchased books, but it remains at the same number for days. Or, does it only change after it is shipped? Thanks!

  14. I do IndyPlanet sales a couple times a day. Purchases are credited to a creators account at that time.
    If you have names I can research the purchases. If they paid by check or have an unpaid order pending of course it will not show until the purchase is paid for.
    The book you are referencing to is tied to another creators account. It is an anthology. Unless creator splits have been set up previously, all sales information (numbers, royalties, etc) go to the person who made this order originally. You must contact them regarding sales information.

  15. Could be I missed some important news here: I’ve noticed that the ComicsMonkey store link redirects to IndyPlanet. Wondering if that site is closed or being repaired.. Can I still tell comic book shops that they’ll get a 35% discount?

  16. Is it possible to restrict the amount of prints that can be ordered on the IndyPlanet. Say if I wanted to only have a run of 7500 for the first issue (I hope that it would get that high) could it be stopped automatically stopped. That’s just to say that maybe you want to create value on the comic and the later re-issue would take its place. I hope I am asking this correctly.

  17. It’s technically possible but it seems a tad counter productive :O) We’d really rather just keep books available anytime, any place.

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