So what is Ka-Blam?

Ka-Blam is a publisher services company.  We offer digital printing (as well as a growing list of other services) for independent comic book publishers.

Digital printing uses high end laser technology to simulate the look of traditional offset printing.  This allows us to  produce comics and paperbacks without the high overhead and huge print runs that come along with traditional printing.  Our service allows creators and publishers to print to their needs — with the ability to come back as often as needed for additional copies — rather than print thousands of copies at a time.

Ka-Blam is the ideal solution for independent comic publishers looking for an alternative to traditional printing and for webcomic creators looking to put their work into print and thereby add an extra revenue stream to their business.

We can print in amazing full color or crisp black & white (btw, grayscale counts as black & white — so long as there are only black, white, and shades of gray on the page) and in quantities from as low as 1 to as many as 1,000 with ease and all at surprisingly reasonable prices.


  1. Okay, so i’m a bit confused.
    is kablam a print on demand service, or just a digital printer?
    and by that I mean, is their a way for people other than myself to order 1 or 1000 of my books as they see fit?

    Can they themselves come to this place, see the book they want, and buy it directly from the site, or do i have to purchase a fixed quantity and then ship them to my readers as i get a purchase order from them?

  2. Ka-Blam is a digital printer. Only publishers may register and order products here.

    IndyPlanet is a print-on-demand and order fulfillment service through which the customers of Ka-Blam may offer their comics and graphic novels at retail prices (set by the creator/publishers) to the general public.

  3. Oh!

    thanks. that’s exactly what i wanted to know.

  4. Okay, IndyPlanet will do the print-on-demand thing, we can offer our comics through them…but how would we do it, through, say, Amazon?

  5. How do I direct comic book shops to you, once they decide to order our work? Is telling them “Go to” enough?

  6. *, ‘scuse me..

  7. Nope … still wrong. is where you want to send comics shops to order your work. Actually, we’re working on a referral system right now … something that will let you recommend your local comic shop to us and in return we’ll send them an info packet and some freebies.

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