Ka-Blam Tip o’ the Day — When it Comes to Files … Keep it Simple

When creating your comic or graphic novel we say let your creative freak flag fly … however when assembling your files for submission to us please, please KEEP IT SIMPLE. Keep it intuitive. No creative file structuring or creative file naming please. No pagination guides are necessary. Succinct — and sequential — file naming works beautifully. Please send us only what we ask for — the way we ask for it — and with your files named simply and appropriately.

Let’s stick to “cover.tif”, “backcover.tif”, “page01.tif”, “page02.tif”, etc. Never should there be a “page00.tif”. Never a “page_before_page01.tif” or a “insert_between_page16-17.tif”. No “lastpage.tif” or “next-to-lastpage.tif”. Think simple. Think intuitive.

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  1. I am a complete dolt when it comes to these things, and I did EVERYTHING. EVERY. THING. Wrong. When it came to my files. Wrong file types. Wrong file NAMES. Wrong wrong wrong! But the fine folks at Ka-Blam were incredibly patient and gave me all the information I needed to fix things!!
    So a special thank you to Jen and to Barry Gregory for everything! I’m very satisfied with how things are working out for me :)

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