How long will it take for me to get my order?

We have a tiered pricing system on all comics products. You determine your price based on the date you request for shipping.

Our base turnaround is 28 days. If you select that option then base pricing applies. Now that doesn’t mean it will take 28 days for your order to ship only that it MIGHT take up to 28 and by selecting this option you’re saying that it’s OK with you if it does take up to 28 days.

If you absolutely need it faster than 28 days then you can select an earlier ship date, but a surcharge will apply. The faster you want it shipped the higher the surcharge. The surcharge maxes out at 175% of the base for a 10 day turnaround.

Please NOTE: The tiered pricing is for comics products ONLY. T-Shirts, art prints, art boards, flyers, etc. are always base priced and ship in 10 days (pending payment of course) unless bundled on an order with comics products. Unchanged reorders (meaning reorders that no subs, or any other edits to be done) have a turnaround of approximately 10 days.

Also quantity 1 orders (proofs, basically) are always base priced and will ship within 10 days pending payment.


  1. If my order is estimated at $500, and the surcharge was to be a 175%, just how much is that going to cost for shipping?

  2. Shipping costs are based on the weight of your order not on the price. I’d have to know what you’re ordering … not how much it costs … in order to give you an answer.

  3. do you ship overseas?

  4. Every day.

  5. Just making sure I read everything correctly, but is 10 days the fastest an order can be received? Or, rather, an order consisting of a single book?

  6. No, that’s not quite it. Ten calendar days is the fastest turnaround we offer. Turnaround does NOT include transit time so that doesn’t mean you’ll receive the order in ten days only that we’ll get the order out the door within ten days.

    It won’t always take the full ten days. In some cases we can turn it faster than that. But at this point we simply can’t offer a faster turnaround than ten days. If it happens, it happens but I’m afraid we must have a ten day window to allow for resolution of technical problems or supply issues.

  7. Ohhh okay, thanks very much for clarifying that for me, BarryGregory.

  8. How long does it usually take for a comic to get approved for printing?

  9. can you give shipping quotes? or is that only available after you submit an order.

  10. I plan on using your service to print two books, 100 copies of each. The first is 32 pgs, magazine sized, color covers w/B&W interior. The second is standard comic size, 20 pgs, color covers w/B&W interior. Your ad will be on inside back cover for both. I plan on ordering on March 11, but would need it in my hands by April 8. Can you give me an idea of how much extra for expedited service? Thanks!

  11. I’m trying to figure out what guaranteed ship by date to select–I’m in Massachusetts, and I need the books by April 28th at the very latest–what is the usual transit time once books are shipped? Will the standard 28 days be ok or do I need to expedite?

  12. Probably 3 days, but if possible allow a couple of extra days just to be on the safe side.

  13. I live in England and so if it takes you 28 day to print my order how many more days should I add on for delevery?

  14. USPS Priority Mail international is in almost all cases the best option for international shipping. They promise 6-10 business days for delivery. We’ve found that to be fairly accurate in most cases.

  15. I’m looking to get about 40 books printed and want to have them in about a month’s time. If I wanted a proof first and did my initial order for 1 copy, do you think I would have time to receive that proof and then make my 40 book order within your standard 28 day turnaround? Or do proofs push that timeframe out?

  16. It actually works better (and usually faster) doing it the way you described. Order a proof (1 copy) which we’ll ship in about 10 days. If the proof is OK and you make no changes then a reorder will take another 10 days and you’ll come out to around a month for the entire process.

  17. Is there a phone number I can call and talk to someone about this order?

  18. So if someone browsing indyplanet or comicsmonkey wants to buy a comic book i have in one of those shops does that mean they won’t get it for possibly 28 days?

  19. Do you ship orders to Norway? :)

  20. We ship world wide–including Norway ; o )

  21. If I, here in Sweden, were to place an order today with the standard turnaround rate, would we have them in our hands before the last weekend in April? Or would you advise us to pay to detract a week just to be sure? I remember placing a standard order on March 3rd last year and shipping occuring on April 19th yet still managing to get to us in good time for our convention last time.

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