HBComics Attending Atlanta Comic Con

December 4-5 at the Cobb Galleria Center, HBComics will be on hand at Wizard’s Atlanta Comiccon. In addition to having copies of Lazerman 1-5, Vindication 1-3, and dozens of prints on hand for sale, The “Hebert Brothers” will also be unveiling plans for 2011, inculding a NEW title!
This con will also be the last oppurtunity for readers to get their hands on the HBComics’ 2010 Wizard Con exclusives, including the “Night of the Necrolord” Lazerman print by Fernando “the Fern” Martin, and the “Crimson Haze” variant cover for Vindication #3!
And best of all, this con will mark the first time the complete creative teams for both Lazerman and Vindication will be in attendance, including both Chris and Alan Hebert, as well as Atlanta native and Vindication artist Danny White! HBComics last convention of the year!

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