Ka-Blam Tip o’ the Day — Sell at IndyPlanet!

If you’re not listing the books and comics you print with Ka-Blam at IndyPlanet, then you’re missing out on the greatest advantage of digital printing — print-on-demand order fulfillment!

IndyPlanet allows you to set your own price and write your own listing. We then print and fulfill the orders, and subtract ONLY the printing cost. That’s right … 100% of the remainder goes to you! One Hundred percent of the difference between your cover price and the printing cost is YOURS. So for example, if your printing cost is $2.00 and your cover price is $3.99 then you’re getting $1.99 on EVERY single sale. That’s pure profit with no additional effort on your part.


  1. Besides having indyplanet are you also associated to the likes of amazon? I am trying to get a scope on how else you are accessible. Thx

  2. We have no association with Amazon. Sorry.

  3. Will any discounts that we receive from buttons be subtracted from printing costs?

  4. Once we’ve verified the banner or button then the discount will automatically attach to any and all items that qualify for it.

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