Indy Comic Book FAIL Lesson 35: Tweets To My 16 Year Old Self

Another Indy Comic Book Fail from the esteemed, Mr. Thomas Hall is once again upon us. If you could tell your 16 year old self something now, what would it be? And what the heck does this have to do with comics?

That dynamic of “I wish I knew back then…” makes me think about not only the point of doing a column like this but of advice in general when it comes to Indy Comics. Most people who have legitimate questions about what it takes to stay involved in Indy Comics for the long haul are looking for the same “advice” that people are giving themselves on Twitter- They want to know A) “What can I do (or not do) to keep from making mistakes?” or B) “Will everything be okay in the end?”

Read the whole thing right here!

If I were to tell my 16 year old self something, I think I’d tell him to not sell his comic collection for a guitar and to stay the hell away from that Andrews girl!

Play nice!

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