Ka-Blam Tip o’ the Day — Get a Discount!

Did you know that you can get a 5% discount on most orders simply by putting one of our Ka-Blam created button or banner links on the main page of your website?

It’s true.   Click here for more details …


  1. But how do we apply the discount to our orders?

  2. Cool! I didn’t know about this discount. Is it OK if the main page of our website is a subdomain? I publish my comic pages to http://rune.riverfiction.com so that’s the address I promote for it.

    Also, how do we get the discount? Do we just mention that we have the banner link when we place an order?

  3. Considering that ka-blam has been nothing but good to me, and provide one heck of a quality service, it’s a no-brainer! As someone just starting out, the staff was patient and guided me to where I needed to be. Spread the word, folx!

  4. That’ll work fine. I’ve attached the discount to your profile.

  5. Send us a link to your site and once we’ve verified the banner is there then we’ll attach the discount to your customer profile. As long as the banner is there the discount will automatically apply (beginning with the first order AFTER the banner goes up).

  6. Mine is at kuroshouri.webs.com. I just ordered, so hopefully you’ll apply the discount!

  7. Hey Gang! I’ve had the tag up for a while now with an active link to ya! Here at Ouwangalaymah.blogspot.com and Samkirkman.blogspot.com Didn’t even realize you offered this. Sure appreciate the offer for the discount. every little bit helps these days.

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