When will I be billed?

After we have received your files and verified that they are indeed printable, we will email you an invoice for the full amount due including shipping and handling.

We’ll try to get your invoice to as quickly as possible, but please be bear with us if it takes a couple of days. Don’t worry we will get it to you. We won’t forget to ask you for money. We promise.

Believe it or not, invoicing is actually one of the more labor intensive things we have to do around here. Among the things we have to do before we can send an invoice is to calculate the weight of the order, then go to the website of the shipping company and calculate cost and shipping time, then plug all of that info into our database (double checking the numbers of course), then generate the invoice, and finally email the invoice. And that’s just for domestic orders. International orders offer a whole set of different hoops to jump through depending on the destination country. We’re constantly working to streamline, but since every order is unique there’s only so much automation you can add to the process.

FYI … because these invoice emails are auto-generated they are sometimes tagged as SPAM by some spam-blocking software. So if you have some sort of spam catcher or blocker working in collaboration with your email client you may want to check your designated spam box and see if the invoice was trapped there. If it was then be sure to change your settings to allow future emails from Ka-Blam to come through.

And of course payment in full must be received before we will begin printing. Sorry, no exceptions.


  1. what is the average length of time for an invoice to be sent out? I realise its different for each order, but i was wondering if you can give a ballpark figure.

  2. There really is no average. I’m sorry, but the answer truly is “as quickly as we can”. We go down the submitted order queue in sequence. On a good day we’ll get out a lot of invoices … but then there are days were it seems most orders have problems and we spent an inordinate amount of time trying to communicate the problems with the publishers so we can get an invoice out. I’ve got your files and your invoice should be coming out ASAP.

  3. Does the length of time it takes to caculate the invoice effect it’s shipping date? I opted for expedited shipping but it been about 5 days since I issued the order and still no invoice. Wondering if the “guaranteed” arrival date will be pushed later by the longer time to invoice and consequent delay in being shipped out.

  4. No. Your order starts the day it was placed. Generally an invoice is coming your way anywhere from 2-15 days from when an order is placed.

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