Tony’s Pick of the Week – Egg #3

Written and Illustrated by Chris Sturgill
Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32

Walter discovers he has the stolen samples. And he’s being followed. Soon he’s learning more about the shape of the conspiracy he’s stumbled into, only to reveal deeper, more pressing questions–such as what are the “eggs?” And what is Walter becoming? In the giant-sized, 32 page “Answers and Questions,” the mystery deepens and the action heats up!

Welcome to San Francisco, in the near future, a crowded, chaotic city in a world transformed by the next great technological shift–the Blue Revolution. Nanotechnology has been harnessed to cure everything from cancer to short-sightedness while the planet has only gotten messier. Walter Norris doesn’t care about any of this. He just wants to celebrate his birthday, but a chance encounter drags him into a dangerous world of conspiracy and intrigue. If the Blue Revolution is based on lies, then what is the truth?

Egg, #3 TM and © Chris Sturgill. All rights reserved.

Tony says, “Great art and a well thought out science fiction story makes this a great read!”

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