Ka-Blam Tip o’ the Day — Print One Copy First When Possible

Update March 28, 2011:
Ka-Blam no longer provides a low resolution digital proof with invoices. If you would like a printed proof then simply reduce your order quantity to “1″ copy.

Nov 9, 2010

While we always send out a link to a digital proof of each new item ordered, we strongly recommend that you order a physical proof — a quantity “1″ order — whenever possible. We especially recommend this for our first time customers. It’s also a really good idea if you’re ordering a large quantity of a new item to order “1″ copy first.

That one copy can tell you a lot of things that the digital proof can’t. The digital proof is great for checking proper pagination and to see where the trims will fall, but it can’t show you printed color — hue, saturation, and brightness — or paper stock or binding or any of the other intangibles inherent to print, but missing from a digital copy. And don’t forget … quantity “1″ orders ship with at our fastest turnaround but at standard turnaround price.

And if nothing else that one printed copy also gives you one last chance to catch that typo on page 14 before you print 500 of them …

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