A reminder and a polite request …

Just a reminder, folks … all order-specific customer support MUST go through the Message Center. We know your order is important to you (it is to us, also) and we know you want your questions answered as quickly as possible. We want that, too, and we try to get them answered as quickly as we can, but going outside the message center for order-specific customer support is counter-productive and actually slows down the process for everyone.

So if you want to socialize with any of us on twitter or facebook we’d love to talk to you … but if it’s a question about an order then it MUST, MUST, MUST go through the Message Center. Thanks!


  1. Well…I sent in my comic files a month ago, and have since heard nada. My questions (‘did you actually get my files”?) thru the message centre have not been responded to. I can’t find a phone number to call. I’m getting a bit desperate – is it possible to talk to you good folks at all? I’ve had no success getting a 2 way conversation going in just under a month of trying. I know you’re busy, but still, that’s kinda off-putting.

  2. We have your files, but you haven’t submitted your order yet. You have to check the Terms of Service box and click the submit button or the order just sits in your cart. As soon as you submit the order we’ll get to work on it.

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