What methods of payment do you accept?

We prefer … Paypal.

Though we will also accept a personal check or money order.

Please be aware that paying via check or money order may delay your order’s shipping as check MUST clear before we will ship your order.

BTW … if you choose to list a title for sale at Indyplanet and ComicsMonkey then you MUST have a Paypal account because that’s where we’ll send your earnings whenever you request a payout. NO checks will be mailed. ALL payouts will come via Paypal.


  1. Can customers (i.e. readers, not creators) order with a credit card? I can’t tell you how many people who love my work don’t want to sign up for pay pal.

  2. We’ll take a check or a money at IndyPlanet but for credit cards I’m afraid it’s Paypal or nothing. Sorry.

  3. Are there any future plans for credit cards? I’d imagine there’s a lot of business to be done that way. I mean, I don’t mind using Pay Pal but I really have found that a majority of potential readers seen to have an aversion to it… don’t know why.

  4. Do you take international orders? If so, how can I get an idea of the postage and handling fees for international orders?

  5. I too am concerned about the Paypal only restriction. I’m afraid potential readers will balk at having to register at Paypal and just not bother to buy my book.

  6. You do not have to have a Paypal account to pay for IndyPlanet orders. You can use your visa, you can use MC, you can pay by check or money order.
    You as the creator are required to have a paypal account so that we can pay you should you get any sales.

  7. How long do MoneyOrders usually take to clear? Just curious, as I need to know how early I have to order before any upcoming conventions.

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