Ka-Blam Tip o’ the Day — We Can Fulfill your Website Orders!

Are you selling your comics from your website? You should be … and we can make that process a breeze for you! You don’t have to buy in advance or stuff any envelopes or take anything to the post office. We can do it all for you … at no additional cost!

Just use our reorder system to let us fulfill your website orders for you. All you have to do is place a reorder for the item(s) your customer ordered and then choose the alternate shipping address option and put your customer’s name and address there! We’ll print and ship the order directly to your customer for you! It’s just that simple!


  1. Hey Barry, just a quick unrelated question: The FAQs say files need to be 300DPI but your Manga template is at 299.999 DPI. Would that make any difference in print-quality at all? Should I resize my template to 300DPI? Thanks for any info.

  2. I’m just wondering if this method would be time effective. Doesn’t it take a couple weeks to get printed?

  3. That’s an excellent tip – and a very tempting one.

    Currently, we mail most of our own orders, because we have a penchant towards customized packaging. But as we grow in size – thanks largely to Ka-Blam’s awesome services and printing quality – having the option to reliably outsource our packaging is awesome.

    Is there anything you guys CAN’T do?

    Ka-Blam = win, no two ways about it.

  4. On single copy orders (for example 1 copy of a tpb or 1 copy each of issues 1-3, etc.) — as most web orders would be — then no, the order would ship within 10 days.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, David.

    BTW … we can’t WAIT to show you some of the new stuff we’ll be rolling out next year as part of our fifth anniversary celebration!

  6. Oh god, no!! Stop! Stop!

    Kidding. :)

    299.999 is the computer doing it’s best to represent a fraction of a pixel. That “9″ would actually be carried out to infinity. For functional purposes, there’s no difference between 299.99999999999999999 ad infinitum and 300. No need to resize anything there, Dann.

  7. Phew, awesomeness! Thanks Barry! :D

  8. Nice, I’ve considered this option myself, but didn’t know you guys had a 10 day turnaround for single issues. That makes a huge difference!

    What about taking it a step further, and maybe generating a line or two of HTML that we could paste into our websites to link directly to your ordering system?

    Or as an alternative, how about a system that would let us set up a “storefront” within indyplanet, that we could theme ourselves to match our personal websites?

    Are either of those things a possibility for the future?

  9. What about shipping costs? Is there an option to mailing the items at different shipping costs?

  10. You choose your shipping option on each order … from cheapest to fastest, etc.

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