Barry’s Pick of the Week — Heroic Spotlight #2

Written and Illustrated by Dennis Mallonee, Rick Hoberg, Tim Burgard

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

The classic science-fiction hero ETERNITY SMITH returns at last in this second issue of HEROIC SPOTLIGHT, in a booklength 28-page action adventure! Co-creators, writer Dennis Mallonee and artist Rick Hoberg team up with inker Tim Burgard to bring you the classic adventures of Eternity Smith, seen again for the first time in nearly 25 years, featuring the time-traveling adventurer fighting alongside his beautiful super-spy daughter, SKYLARK SMITH, and her traveling rock band, THE CREW, taking on the forces of international terror long before 9/11, long before terrorism became a buzzword. And if you demand it, there will be new adventures of Eternity Smith on the horizon.

In each issue of Heroic Spotlight, the spotlight shines on new and classic concepts and creators from Heroic Publishing.

Heroic Spotlight TM and © Dennis Mallonee and Rick Hoberg. All rights reserved.

Barry says, “I’ve been reading and enjoying comics from Heroic since they first began publishing in the mid 80s. Heroic Spotlight and Eternity Smith are terrific examples of the kind of comics they’re all about!”

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