Barry’s Pick of the Week — Echoes Of Dawn #3

Story: Z.M.Thomas, Artwork: Fabiano Neves & Jack Herbert, Colors: Rain Beredo, Letters: Zach Matheny.

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Trapped inside Eastport, Ethan Deray runs into a lone police officer. Together the two of them must find a way out of the city, or die trying.

Echoes of Dawn follows Ethan’s terrifying journey into the city of Eastport, where he is met with the ghosts of the past who help him unravel the dirty secrets tied with the Deray name.

Echoes of Dawn TM and © Trepidation Comics. All rights reserved.

Barry says “What can I say … I’m a junkie for good horror stories and this is a good horror story!”

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