Ka-Blam Tip o’ the Day — What’s in a Name?

Today’s tip comes from both Jenni and Wayne and it’s not so much a tip as it is a plaintive wail.

We download dozens of file archives every single day (mostly Jenni and Wayne do the downloading) — zips, rars, sitxs, etc. — probably 90% of which are named “kablam.rar” or ‘ka-blam.zip” or “print.zip” or “kablam-print.zip”, etc. When we’re downloading 5 or 6 archives at a time and they all have the same or very similar names it can take a bit of trial and error sometimes to get the right files to the right folders.

So please help us out on this one. When naming your archived files please pick a name other than “kablam” or “print”. How about the title of your book? That would be great! “Kungfumonkey01.zip”. “Myawesomecomic05.rar”. “IDinosaur02.sitx”. Perfect!

Thanks in advance for your help.

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