Ka-Blam Tip o’ the Day — Compress Your Files!

LZW compression is your friend and ours. Unlike jpg compression, LZW compression is non-destructive and completely lossless. This means there is no data loss or image degradation whatsoever when the compression algorithm is used. There is no excuse for not compressing your tiffs.

And it’s not just about saving space (although LZW compression can in some cases decrease the size of a file dramatically), it’s about upload and download times. An uncompressed tiff file in full color at our required specs is almost 19mb. A zip file for a full color 100 page paperback — with uncompressed files –will be almost 2 gigabytes. Do you know how long that will take to upload? And in most cases uploads are significantly slower than downloads so it’s even worse for you than for us!

So please … compress.

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