Matthew D. Smith at Roanoke Valley Comic Con!

Writer/artist Matthew D. Smith will be appearing at the Roanoke Valley ComiCon in Salem, VA on October 23, 2010! He’ll have all of his titles on hand, including “The Adventurers of Liberty City”, “Wichita Gravy”, “FLiP On”, and the new “Tales from the Suggestion Box” digest collection!

Stop by and show some Ka-Blam/Indy Comic love folks!


  1. Hi Matthew,
    Sorry i won’t be able to make the next Roanoke show, its always a good show. Maybe next time.

  2. Hey, Brian!

    Hope to see you at a show soon!

    Yeah, I agree, the Roanoke show is a great little one day show…small and intimate, but always a great group of guys around. It was the first con I ever attended as as an exhibitor/small press guy, so it’ll always hold a special place for me! :)

  3. Oh, that was confusing. There’s already a writer/artist working in comics named Matthew Dow Smith. I thought this was referring to him.

  4. Yeah, tell me about it…there’s a few variations on “Matthew Smith” in the comics community, haha.

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