Barry’s Pick of the Week — Amazing Golden Age Adventure Funnies

Edited by Tony Zallocco

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 52

Five complete action adventures featuring the world’s greatest Golden Age super heroes! BLACK TERROR (from America’s Best Comics #14), CAPTAIN FUTURE (from Startling Comics #37), the Golden Age DAREDEVIL (from Daredevil Comics #28), DYNAMIC MAN (from Dynamic Comics #15) and THE FLAME (from Wonderworld Comics #25)!

Amazing Golden Age Adventure Funnies brings you classics from the Golden Age of comics in full-color print editions that you can hold in your hand! It’s almost like being there!

Amazing Golden Age Adventure Funnies #1 TM Tony Zallocco and Terrific Comics. All rights reserved.

Barry says, “Bravo to Tony Zallocco for putting this terrific golden age stuff back in print! More please!”

1 Comment

  1. Wow! Thanks Barry! You are swell!
    Totally appreciate the notice and I’m definitely working on more!
    Thanks again!

    Tony Z

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