Tony’s Pick of the Week – The Ouwangalaymah!

Written and Illustrated by Samuel E Kirkman Jr.
Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

The tale begins as everyone forgets, the name of the tree that is. Yofti, a hyperactive ringtail, along with the tortoise, an orphaned wildebeest calf adopted by a pair of Dik Diks and a rather Arrogant Kudu become central characters as the story begins to unfold.

Using an ancient Bantu folk tale for the ark of the story, the author spins a yarn of classic underdog-”dom”. Leaping lemurs, a lazy lion, and one tenacious tortoise help highlight the need to perceiver in spite of ones own limitations.

The OUWANGALAYMAH! TM and © Samuel E Kirkman Jr. 2003. All rights reserved.

Tony says, “This is a nicely told story with some very impressive art. The cover of this one really grabbed my attention and begged me to take a peak inside!”

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