What if I want to make changes to a book after I’ve sent my files?

Update March 28, 2011:
Ka-Blam no longer provides a low resolution digital proof with invoices. If you would like a printed proof then simply reduce your order quantity to “1″ copy.

May 3, 2010
We charge a Reset fee (or page replacement/substitution fee) whenever we have to substitute or replace pages or do anything that causes us to have to reset a previously built printable document. The fee is $1 per page with a minimum fee of $5 and a maximum of $25.

So for example … you printed the Amazing Kung Fu Monkey #1 with us six months ago and you’ve since found a typo on page 13 that you want to correct. The fee would be $5. Yes, it’s only one page, but the $5 minimum would kick in. If you decided to replace the first seven pages then the fee would be $7. One dollar per page. To replace all 32 pages and the covers the fee would be $25 since there is a $25 maximum fee.

The fee is per item and per instance and applies to any item for which you’ve received an invoice — regardless of whether the book has been printed.

Why do we charge this fee? Firstly, because we’re not a proofing service and your files should be sent to us print ready. Secondly, because changing a file or replacing a page is not as simple as it sounds. We have to verify the new files, rebuild the printable document, build new digital proofs, post new digital proofs, delete all the backups (two here at the offices and one off-site) as well as the printable documents cached in our print server, and then we have to create and store the new backups.   It’s a surprising amount of work just to replace a few files.   That’s why we discourage file substitutions and charge a reset fee.

BTW … the Reset fee also applies to new editions of jobs we’ve previously printed. You can call it a revised edition or a remastered edition … it doesn’t matter. If the intent is to replace or update an item that we’ve previously built a printable document for then the fee applies.


  1. How do we request a change?

  2. Place a reorder — the quantity can be “0″ if you don’t want any copies — and select the changes option.

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