Indy Comic Book FAIL Lesson 28: The Difference Between “May” and “Can”

Sharing is caring in this week’s Indy Comic Book Fail by the esteemed, Thomas Hall.

One of the things that I really believe in when it comes to Indy Comics is sharing information. Obviously, there is some information about what we at Blacklist Studios do that I won’t share for various reasons. There are also some people that I feel more comfortable with, and will therefore go into more detail with, than I would with a stranger. In general terms, however, I think it’s very important for those of us who do Indy comics to tell each other what is working and what isn’t. I think if we can recommend a printer or if we have tips on doing something that might benefit another Creator, we need to do that. Sharing such information is what this column is all about, and I hope that others take my lead and are more open with sharing what they know as well.

Read the whole shebang, right here!

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